About Us

The Washington Consulting Group (WCG), founded in 1992, are professional engagement specialists equipped to meet the unique needs and context of your organization, in order to move them to the next level of greatness, through a lens of diversity, inclusion and social justice.

WCG principals, Jamie Washington and Sam Offer, together have over 55 years of experience as leaders in education.  As skilled trainers, facilitators and speakers, they are known for their ability to “engage” student and professional audiences in a way that leads to powerful self-work, reflection and action.

The Washington Consulting Group specializes in:

  •     Organizational and Culture Change Management
  •     Effective Leadership and Team Building
  •     Diversity / Inclusion Council Development
  •     Effectively Engaging and Resolving “Real Time” Resistance and Conflict
  •     Diversity Strategic Planning
  •     Understanding the Dynamics of Power, Privilege, Oppression and Intersectionality
  •     Engaging Religion, Spirituality, Sexuality, Race, Gender and other identities

The Washington Consulting Group workshops are energetic, engaging, positive, and pragmatic, with a theoretical approach designed to create organizational change.  Achievable, measurable performance objectives are developed and individuals are coached to demonstrate successful new behaviors and interactions within and across difference.

The WCG provides coaching, consulting, keynotes, and training to meet the specific needs of the client.  Consultants are proficient in designing and delivering outstanding programs based on the uniqueness of your campus, company, or community.

Our engagement specialists are seasoned, skilled professional with an academic preparedness and many years of experience in professional development in inclusive excellence, multicultural competence and social justice organizational change.

Looking for training for campus life, Greek life, student life, faculty, administrators, and or student affairs professionals?  Contact the WCG!  Want to develop awareness, knowledge and skills to create systemic change? Contact the Washington Consulting Group!  Together we will work with you to “make a better tomorrow, TODAY”!