Programs and Keynotes

 Leadership and Diversity in the 21st Century

We live in an increasingly diverse and complex world.  Leaders need to deepen their awareness, knowledge and skills in order to be effective.  Leaders are often expected to know how to manage and engage all types of people and situations; however, we know this expectation is often met with disappointment.  This session is designed to provide the tools and concepts for greater success.


 Finding the Spirit Within: Exploring Spirituality and Leadership

Do you shy away at conversations related to spirituality?  Do you feel you are living a healthy spiritual work life?  Does Spirituality matter to you as a leader?  How do we engage in conversations about spiritual differences without getting shut down?  Engage in a healthy discussion about how spirituality/our way of knowing impacts and informs our leadership. This session offers principles and key concepts to help us to stay in the conversation as leaders.


 Who Moved My Cheese: Managing Organization Change

The one thing that is constant is change.  Many organizations struggle with how to navigate this dynamic process.  This session is designed to help participants see that change is inevitable and how to best work with self and others to manage change in an effective way.


 Honest Dialogue Across Race

“We have made it, racism is over. Now that we have a Black President, all is well. Now we can talk about other things.”  This session is designed to help participants mover beyond the surface, political correct conversation about race, to deep, authentic transformative dialogues.


 One More River to Cross: The Intersection of Racism and Heterosexism

“I can’t hide the fact that I’m a person of color, you get to choose to come out or not”. “I thought my Black friends would be more accepting once I came out because they understand oppression, but I was wrong”.  Comments like these speak to the need for us to engage the intersections of Racism and Heterosexism.  Are they the same thing? What are the similarities and differences? This workshop is designed to engage these questions.


 Understanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues

Sexual orientation and gender identity issues are ever present in our popular culture.  What are the components of sexuality? How is sexual orientation different than sexual behavior? What is F to M and M to F? What do you mean by gender neutral pronouns?  This workshop can be designed to support your group at whatever level you need.  We can design it to be a basic introduction of concepts to more complex issues of system oppression and intersection of sexuality and other social identities.


 Conflicts Within: Working with Historically Oppressed Populations on Healing and Action

Women, People of Color, LGBT, and other historically excluded populations often deal with tension of being “too much or not enough”  There are often conflict amongst leaders with very little understanding or skill in how to manage them.  This session is designed to address the work that needed to address internalized oppression and horizontal prejudice and hostility.


 Supervision Across Difference: Avoiding the Pitfalls

“I want people to come to work and just do their jobs, I don’t think race, gender or who you sleep with should matter in supervision”. This statement is one of many that reflects the need for all of us who work within an organization as a supervisor and supervisee to learn how and why understanding that difference matters in the workplace.


 Religious and Spiritual Diversity and Pluralism: The Road Less Traveled

Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Agnostic, Wicca, Hindu, Native Spirituality and so much more represents the way they we attempt to make sense of our life and the world.  How do we live, learn and grow with so much diversity in belief and faith? This session is designed to help leaders, and all members of a campus or community explore ones personal journey and engage with others in authentic dialogue and the building of a more pluralistic community across religious and spiritual differences.


 Sexism: A Mans Issue

How do men talk to other men? What does it mean to have male privilege?  How does that differ for men of color or men who identify and gay or bisexual? Are men hurt by sexism as well? Can women be sexist towards men?  In an age where gender complexity is alive and well, there is need for a space of honest and authentic dialogue.  This session is designed to engage men and women on sexism from the perspective of maleness.


 Creating and Sustaining Social Justice Institutional Change

Are you tired of diversity programs and diversity committees and task forces that collect data and do nothing with it?  Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and can’t get any traction?  This session is designed to help you assess where your organization gets stuck and what are the steps needed to move beyond diversity programs towards institutional and culture change.


 Black and Brown Relations in Higher Education and America

Are Latinos the new Blacks as we gait along the 21st century? Does your student organization, fraternity or sorority welcome Black or Brown members?  Do you have programs on your campuses that attempt to represent the experience of a Black or Latino population while others feel left out? How does higher education and societal discourse represent Black and Brown people? Can we assume Black and Brown as accurate representations of multiple experiences? What are the opportunities and challenges for us as leaders in Black and Brown communities to intentionally help cultivate a stronger people of color community? This session will be real talk led by two dynamic brothers that will inspire, challenge and charge you to journey back to your campus and communities.



The Washington consulting group is a group of skilled organizational change and human resource management professionals.  We can design a retreat, workshop or keynote to meet your specific needs.  We have specific expertise in issues of leadership, team building, conflict resolution, social justice, community development and spirituality issues. Just let us know what you need and we will design me meet those needs.