The Washington consulting group can design and deliver workshops that run from 1 hour to 5 days.  We will work with your organization to develop a series of workshops on a particular theme/subject matter.  Our workshops are all grounded in human development, leadership, and management theory. We can also design workshops that are specifically based in Christian teaching and liberation theology. These sessions are interactive and engaging.  We employ multiple techniques for learning including: short lectures, readings, small and large group dialogues, “like group caucus” work, music, art, visioning, video and more.



The Washington consulting group provides dynamic, inspiring and challenging keynote speakers. Each consultant speaks with passion and personal conviction.  Each address is for the specific audience. We will tailor the content to match the theme of your conference or event. We can provide a 15 -20 minute address as a part of a banquet or 30-45 minute opening or closing keynote during a conference or program.



The Washington consulting group employs leaders in the field of higher education, community and non-profit organizing and religious organizations.  With more than 50 years of combined experience in more than 500 organizations both in and outside of the US, our consultants are poised to assist your organization and leaders to be more effective.  We can do one on one coaching, process and program reviews and team building work.

The Washington consulting group provides programs that are interactive, motivating, engaging and inclusive.  Our consultants have a way of engaging participants that will foster effective change in both their personal and organizational lives.

We will design the program that you need or refer you to someone who can. Our network of consultants brings a broad base of professional and life experience.  From orientation activities, to staff development, leadership training, crisis management, or end of the year celebrations, we will work with you to make your programs and initiatives a success.